Douglas Winningham

Cinematography & Editing

Cinematographer, Editor, Commercial Producer, Director




about  me  



My name is Douglas Winningham, cinematographer and editor in the field of film, wedding and commercial and productions for over 10 years with a focus on creating a stylish and artistic finished product.


I love creating a strong plan so that my crew and I can be open to inspiration on shooting days without going over schedule.  I pride myself on being able to see problems before they happen and get great satisfaction from solving them. 


My background in screenwriting has given me a good sense of story structure and pacing.  My filmmaking, wedding and commercial background has taught me how to get dynamic performances from on-screen talent.  My editing background allows me to see the completed project in my head during filming and has taught me to be bold but also shoot safe coverage.


Every production has its own personality, enticements and challenges and I enjoy adapting myself to each one!